Pay by Nol at over 1000 Dubai retail stores

16 Jul 2017
Nol card, the automated public transport payment solution, has now doubled up as a prepaid card that will help make payments of retail purchases at 1,000 outlets across the city, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Sunday.
The facility, which was already available at Zoom convenience stores at several metro and petrol stations since April this year, has now been expanded to several other prominent outlets in the city.

The service is made available in Dubai through a local payment platform operated by Mercury Payments Services LLC. of the Network International.

“The service is now available in more than 1,000 retail outlets across Dubai. Users of Nol card in Dubai are now able to make quick and easy payments for purchases using their existing cards at POS terminals located at leading retailers across Dubai, with a simple tap of the card on the terminal similar to how they access the transit system,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.

By the end of this year, the payment system is expected to be available at around 5,000 retailers.

He added that the initiative is in line with the smart city goals, which will make Dubai one of the world’s smartest cities by providing the latest technologies, making it easier for people to fully benefit from the wide range of services they use on a daily basis.

“The roll-out of this solution will indisputably further Dubai’s ambition to be the world’s smartest city within 3 years by harnessing the latest technologies and most advanced methods for realising this objective. This initiative also incorporates excellence and innovation, which are vital pillars to fully realise the smart city vision,” said Al Madani.
The only mode of payment for metro, tram and buses, Nol card was recently made available as a payment option at Dubai’s public parks as well as on taxis. It can also be used to pay for parking.

In the new facility, purchases worth up to Dh 5,000 can be made by blue Nol cards, while the silver and gold Nol card holders can make purchase of up to Dh 1,000, which reflects the maximum value of e-wallet of the respective categories of cards.
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